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Lady Sunbeam Shaver

The Lady Sunbeam vintage electric shaver and case is a top-rated addition to your shaver shop, this shaver is out of this world, with its unique features and unique style. It is outstanding for somebody who wants to make their personal shave better, with its unique design and features, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product at a low price. Plus, its uncomplicated to operate and keep, we've included a Sunbeam case to make sure you never have to worry about carrying around a second device.

Vintage Lady Sunbeam Armpit / Legs Electric Shaver
With Built In Light- Works!

Lady Sunbeam Shaver Ebay

This electric razor is a classic example of the Lady Sunbeam brand, it's a small, small machine that's condemnation is just a little over the top. It's got a built-in shaver and a wired case, making it effortless to take with you wherever you go, the Sunbeam brand is so old school that the razor is produced from stainless steel. It's cnn's all-time favorite electric razor, and while it doesn't have the latest and greatest features, it's still a first-rate value at $119, this vintage 1960 s Lady Sunbeam shaver is a fantastic addition to your home as it works with electric blue dye sub-zero hair dryers. The razor is produced of high-quality metal and plastic and leaves your hair scouring and feeling smooth, this Lady Sunbeam electric shaver is a top-grade surrogate for people that want a stylish and reliable shaver. It presents to the sun and grants a blue light that navigation is easy, the electric shaver also includes a smart gauge that tells you how good your shave . This shaver is furthermore adaptive water resistant that makes it good for folks with water else where than the shower, the Lady Sunbeam shaver is a vintage starburst pot leaf shaver that uses electric technology to get the job done. This shaver is unequaled for enthusiasts who are digging for a bit of color and a bit of focus in their shaver routine, with its turquoise color, it is an outstanding addition to your arsenal. This shaver also features medium and high settings which are first-class for a variety of activities.