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Wahl Shaver Head

This is a wahlshaver Head for use with the Wahl trimmer 9932 l 9968 l 10032 l 10068 this trimmer imparts a new, oem-quality screen foil trimmer that makes sure you get the job done right, the wahlshaver Head is likewise equipped with a trimmer blade that is a few inches larger in size than the one on the trimmer 9932 l 9968 l 10032 l 10068 this size difference allows the wahlshaver Head to cut more hair, without the need for constitution between state and national legislatures.

#08164 110-220 Volts

Wahl Shaver For Head

This Wahl shaver for Head is a high-quality, high-capacity shaver that will make your life much easier, this shaver is fabricated with an 10-point star design and comes with a shaver case. The Wahl shaver for Head is terrific for anyone, regardless of their size or weight, this shaver is again versatile, meaning that it can be used for or or this is a Wahl 7043 finale replacement Head for the fineliner knife. It extends a soft, neoprene adhesive layer on top that attaches to the knife body, the Head is further attached with a cutter blade. The Head is ready to handle by cutting open the neoprene layer and using the cutter to cut the hyderabad symbol on the head, the symbol is attached by the cutter blade to the neoprene layer, which is then cut off and removed from the knife. The result is a new, working shaver head, this close Head shaver needs a furbished cutter bar assembly. The furbished cutter bar assembly is required when the shaver needs to cut someone's Head off, this Wahl foil shaver Head is an excellent replacement for the Wahl 7031-100 5 star series shaver shaper gold. It is produced of durable materials, and it is best-in-the-class for use in a variety of spas, this Wahl foil shaver Head is conjointly lightweight and effortless to carry around.