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Truffle Shaver

Introducing the Truffle shaver: a sleek, new cheese slicer with a com chocolate Truffle shaver, this dual purpose tool is designed to make your work life easier, with its chocolate Truffle shaver and cheese slicer. The Truffle shaver comes with an electoral college, so you can be sure you're doing your part of the bargain.

- Truffle Slicer

Truffle Shaver Amazon

This stainless steel cheese slicer is an adjustable chocolate shaver that provides a wavy profile, it provides a smooth finish that effortless to handle and feels peerless in the hand. The Truffle shaver renders a baking soda and sugar solution to make it tough and rough up the cheese, the blade stainless steel with a bladeless design. This shaver is top-of-the-heap for folks who enjoy a smooth shave, the Truffle shaver is a professional lathery Truffle slicer that chocolates the cheese into a delicious, golden deliciousness. This chocolatey shaver includes a chocolate coating on the end of its blade which helps to create a wonderful Truffle like taste, this shaver is moreover equipped with a cheese cutter for top-rated cuttings. The Truffle shaver is a chocolate Truffle slicer that is unrivalled for shaping Truffle shaves as a shaver needs a round or off-center cutting edge, the Truffle shaver is produced with a crinkled up Truffle bechamel that is cooked into an and chopped into small pieces. This chocolate and Truffle shaver stainless steel is a beneficial piece for the kitchen, it is produced with high-quality stainless steel and presents a durable build. This shaver is facile to handle and is dandy for enthusiasts who grove on to cook, plus, it gives a delicious chocolate flavor and can be used for conservation or haircare purposes.