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Callus Shaver

This Callus shaver kit includes 10 removal tools, 10 pcs Callus remover pedicure tool set kit foot file scraper brush, and 10 pcs nail rasp.

Callus Shaver Replacement Blades

This is a Callus shaver replacement blades, you will need 10 blades for the corn cutter shaver, and 10 for the foot tool. They are both specifically designed to remove calluses and damage on the feet, this set comes with a hard dead skin campaign tool. Callus shaver blades are sterling surrogate to stimulate callous activity, these blades remove any skin calluses quickly and easily. The Callus shaver blades are also a beneficial surrogate to cut down on costs when maintaining your callous layer, the corn shaver is a new Callus shaver that lets you get those pesky corn stalks out of your hair. This Callus shaver is practical for people with corn odor or with poor shaving techniques, the safety slide Callus shaver ensures that you get as much of the hair on the stalks as possible, while the rasp ensures that your corn shaver feels good on your hair. The tweezerman ltd Callus shaver blades are excellent alternative to get your shaver up to speed with your blades, with 20 blades, you can get all the work you need to without having to search for new blades.