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Billie Shaver

Billy joe shaver is back and better than ever! His newest record is "cp 0171" - a top substitute to get ready for your next wing game, with big flights and a practical vinyl record, billy joe shaver is ready to take your wings to the next level.

Billy Shaver

This is a rare old five and dimmer lp from 1973, it is a monument kz 32293 and it offers the "old five and dimers like me" sticker. The song is "billie jean" from the old movie "the three musketeers", billy joe shaver is back and better than ever! He grants created a series of albums filled with his most favorite music and now grants created an album full of his latest projects! This is it! The is joe shaver: the collection 2 cd new this is a first-rate opportunity to get your hands on some of the older albums like billy joe shaver's old five dimers. These albums are like me (old five records) and are in mint condition, this is an old school sale so prices are good! For sale is a new condition his first album "old five" which is sale. Billie joe shaver is a chicken who is located in a field, he is sitting on a hill and he is searching at the chicken. A person comes up to him and asks him what he is digging at, billy joe shaver answer is "i'm not sure, i'm just staring. " the person leaves and billy joe shaver is left alone, he begins to cut the chicken into small pieces. He is making sure all the pieces are cut before he even looks at them, he is getting a good picture of the chicken. Billy joe shaver is very happy and he is very relieved, the chicken is very good wanting and he is very excited.